November 2, 2005

Flooding Follies

Our street flooded again yesterday morning; I was able to call it in
right away, but I don't think the city was able to get here before it
had receded. I understand; they had bigger fish to fry that day. I do
wonder, though, when it would be flooding and they WOULDN'T have some
place else they're needed more. I will dutifully keep calling, anyway,
even though I've noticed the Sassy Onion on State Street always has
flooding issues whenever we do, and that's a much more heavily traveled

As the rain was pouring down, I'm happy to report that the Spider
Closet, and hence, the nursery, stayed high and dry. Alas, the other
side of the basement was not so lucky; there was quite a bit of water
leaking into the basement behind the washer. A *suspiciously* large
amount, more than ever before. Thinking quickly (for once), I ventured
outside, taking a moment to segregate the children into reasonably safe
areas first. Sure enough, one of the downspouts in the back of the
house was completely blocked, while the other was leaking prodigiously
at the bend where it goes from being vertical, next to the house, to
being horizontal, into the yard. So one gutter was just dripping water
towards the ground, while the other was actually routing water towards
the house. Not good. I cleared the one I could, and Matt went to get
more flexible gutter thingies at Home Depot today. I'm hoping he'll
get home enough before dark to at least fix the leaky one. Again, it's
good that we had the previous bout with flooding, since now at least
Matt knows *how* to fix the downspouts.

Another bit of excitement in all of this was finding that, in fact, our
basement floor drain is verrrrrry slow. It does drain, eventually; I
tried a bucket of water on it last night. But when the plumber comes
tomorrow to check on our fading water heater, I'll have them snake that
drain so it'll work when it needs to. (I don't think I've mentioned the
water heater; it's fading slowly. It could be an element, or sediment,
or just the whole shebang. We might be able to drain the sediment
ourselves, but it'd be a pain with the basement drain in the shape it's
in. So we'll shoot a few birds with one stone.)

In my ongoing efforts at thankfulness, I am grateful that our bedroom
has never (knock on wood) been affected, and is not really likely to be
because of where it is relative to the roof line. And at least it's
not a recurring problem; it's different problems. Finally, considering
the long-range forecast for the winter, I guess it's a good thing that
we're dealing with these issues now.

Today, Laura has another toddler cold, which I'm sure will make the
rounds among the rest of us. 'Tis the season! On the up side, she
does not run away *every* time I come at her with a tissue: that's

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