November 30, 2005

An endless loop...

I haven't written much lately, since when I look back on my days all I
seem to remember are endless loads of laundry (eventually today, I just
quit counting how many outfits Emily spit up on, and instead spent some
time rearranging her stuff so the currently fitting clothes are more
accessible. It seems like I just did that...they do grow quickly!) In
case you're wondering, I think it's mostly just a situational thing; if
I only had one child, I'd probably rescue the clothes more of the time.
Also, she's been eating a LOT more lately, and probably has some
slight over-indulgence related indigestion. This, too, shall pass.
But it doesn't make for entertaining reading--or writing.

In spite of my ragged memory, we have been occupied in other ways. I
agreed to be the coordinator for people doing stuff at church: readers,
ushers, coffee hours hosts. The Vic billed it as possible to do in
between children, as long as I have internet access; most of the
arrangements take place via email, which we all know I can do. I think
they're trying to lighten some of the load on the office staff (of
one!), in lieu of a deserved raise. We all do what we can. My only
real fear is that I'll be expected to fill in if I can't find somebody,
and since we already pretty much go when we can (without killing
ourselves Sundays when Matt got home at 2:00 that morning after a
tournament), that's just not going to happen. I don't mean to sound
negative; I'm actually glad to have something I can do to help--I
volunteered a little bit when Laura was younger--without schlepping the
kiddos anywhere.

Monday, I spent about an hour and a half arranging Matt's speech
H.U.G.G.s (Holiday Un-Identified Gift Givers--credit, as far as I know,
for the acronym, goes to Eric Q., one of our Gresham speechies--Secret
Santas having been deemed too religion-specific [don't blame me, I
didn't make that decision!]) It wouldn't have taken me so long, but he
does have a *very* large team this year--I didn't count, since I wanted
to go to bed, but I'm guessing around 35 kids. I lost the bid to
include myself on the list, alas.

If anybody wants to be *my* Secret Santa, just start sending me stuff.
Chocolate is always appreciated. ;-)

In other news, that day they warned me about came today: the day the
weaned toddler wants back a piece of the action. I did what the books
I've read suggest, which is to say, "Sure. Climb aboard!" Also
predictably, once she knew it was available, she wasn't remotely
interested; I think she just wanted a snuggle (and had been talking
about the process with her dollies a lot today). She did stick around
for a long time in the rocker, and I offered to feed her bear, too.
She thought that was a good idea (he ate as much as she did, which is
to say: nothing. But we burped him anyway.) So, whew!

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Tami said...

Awww...I remember Wrenna asking to nurse again. She'd weaned at 17 months and then when Noah was only a few weeks old and Wrenna was probably arouns 27-28 months, she asked to nurse again. She'd totally forgotten what to do, though. Like Laura, she appreciated the one-on-one lap time, though. After that, we did have a seemingly endless string of items to nurse: dollies, stuffed animals, pictures of babies, LOL!