November 20, 2005


We survived having Daddy gone Friday and Saturday just fine, although I think I've figured out how single parents must manage with babies: Somebody's gonna cry.

Actually, my mother came over by prearrangement for a little while on Friday, and that helped me keep up with things. (Instead of just surviving until Matt returned to help pick up the pieces; a much better system, this.) Both children were reasonably cooperative both days, though I hope Emily is teething.

I say "hope" because if it's not teething, it's something else. Judging by the way it comes and goes, though, and the amount of time she's been alive, and when Laura started doing exactly the same sorts of things...I'm pretty sure. Among other things, she has taken to expressing herself without resorting to crying; she growled at Tamara the other day, and all Tamara did was smile at her! Laura says, "Emily WRAAAAAHR!", and that is about right. Happily, she seems to have a sunny disposition in between bouts of tummy discomfort, mouth pain, and resultant hunger from both.

Laura gives me something to look forward to; on days when she, too, hurts around the gum area, she's now able to stop chewing on things long enough to say, "Lawabee med-cine" or even "Lawabee Tywenol". The drugmakers should pay us for the free advertising (not to mention the profits. And yes, I have checked with our doc about how often the kid gets meds, since there are times when it seems like all day, every day. It isn't, though. And fortunately Emily's too young to mind Laura "borrowing" some of her chew toys for a while.)

In spite of the lovely weather, which makes me yearn to be outside, pulling weeds out of the garden and dumping maple and other leaves in as mulch in preparation for the spring, I am staying indoors as much as I can until that darn "inversion" thing goes away and the pollution level drops. I hate that. But it's better than wasting a day in bed recovering, so I'll just say thanks to the weather forecasters for letting us know about it. Hmph.

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