October 31, 2005

Technical stuff

I tried to post the last message via email, and it worked...sort of. I
found that the html code Blogger has trained me to use just shows up as
text if you do it in an email, and that my idea for actually being able
to use things like bold, italics, etc. (which I can't, at the moment,
at least via Safari) doesn't work, either; it just translates the
formatting into html (ironic, isn't it???) and shows that as text.
Even though these things should be fairly easy, they apparently aren't.
For free, I can't complain too much. As one of the top blog sites,
though, I want them to get their act together on this stuff.

I've also added a counter...well, two, actually, since they do slightly
different things. One is all but invisible, at least, again, in my
version of Safari, while you have to look closely to find the other.
Anyway, if you're into it, now you can see how many people are checking
in here, and how often...if you can find the one that's not
password-protected. If you're curious but too lazy to click, I can
tell you that there are somewhat more than I thought, at least on a
regular basis, who are viewing. I don't actually get email addresses,
but one of the two counters does give me fairly specific ISP addresses,
so I can extrapolate some of those (who else but the Kann's would be
checking in, at those hours, from a comcast address in WA? I, too,
know what it is to have a newborn and a computer ;-) Sorry I don't
post more often, guys...I'm workin' on it!).

What I want to know is, who's this:
methodistinternational-14.dsl1.easynet.co.uk ? Stand up and be
counted, you Britisher person!

In any event, Big Brother (Sister) is watching you now, though not too
closely; otherwise I'll never get any blogging (not to mention anything
else) done.

1 comment:

Tami said...

Um. I forwarded a link (of your entry about the breast mutiny) to a few friends who are militant breastfeeders like me. I could not stop laughing when I read that. Anyway, coulda been one of them....?