October 2, 2005

So much to tell...

Emily sleeps at last--it's been a loooooong weekend--so I can finally type, if only with one hand.

Matt's birthday was duly celebrated. Laura picked up the phrase "Happy Birthday, Daddy" without any prompting, and when she delivered it, Matt thought it was a pretty good present all by itself. We went to McGrath's for dinner, the children were no worse than usual at the restaurant, and I drove home (draw your own conclusions :) ). Though Matt's official present was given months ago, in the form of DSL, I did most of his chores for the night so he could relax; he also escaped the entire day without changing a single diaper (certainly a record, since we've had two diapered bottoms to change, at least!)

The next day, Saturday, started inauspiciously at 3:45 AM, when Emily woke up. Matt's alarm was set for 4:30, but Laura woke up, crying, before that. Matt went to get her, and found that the nursery had flooded over night; one of the two rugs was soaked. This happened once before, in May, when other parts of Salem flooded; I thought I had heard a lot of rain Friday night, but didn't realize there was quite that much. As it turned out, there wasn't quite that much, but it was enough under the circumstances.

Sadly, we couldn't stop to do much about the rug, apart from pulling it up away from the floor, since we had to leave shortly for Silverton. Matt hosted his Novice tournament on Saturday, and we had all decided to go (and the rug was no reason to stay, since I couldn't really contemplate the thought of going to get a carpet cleaner, bring it home, drag it downstairs, clean--running up and down the stairs to refill it, etc.--take it back, and come home again, all with both girls (oh, I'm sure I would have had to stop in there many times to breastfeed, change diapers, etc.)) So, we left.

Sorry to leave you hanging, but it's bed time; I'll try to finish the sordid story of our weekend tomorrow or Tuesday.

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