October 29, 2005

O! Frabjous Day! Calloo, callay!

So, we've casually been starting the whole toilet-training thing with
Laura. By casual, I mean we got the little plastic seat for her back
in May, I think, and she's used it as a place to sit--just sit--since
then, while Mommy or Daddy is doing their, ahem, business and needs to
keep an eye on her. About two weeks ago, I decided it was time to step
up the pace a little bit; I think she's plenty ready, Emily is able to
left for a bit on her own without as much fussing, and I'm definitely
tired of the diapers. So, onward!

Friday morning, she asked to go, and actually produced! If you don't
have kids, you may not know the depth of gladness I felt at this
landmark; trust me, it's right up there with graduation. Of course,
it'll be a while before the transformation is complete, but still, it's
a wonderful start.

Sniff. My baby is growing up.


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