October 6, 2005

Just the usual...

Crazy, as always. I know that, ironically, things will get a *little* easier when Emily's more willing to be put down. I remember getting an amazing amount of stuff done during the time between Laura being o.k. not being in my lap, and getting pregnant (and exhausted thereby). I know there will be other challenges--like keeping the new toddler safe from the bigger kid, and that exciting stage where anything and everything will have to go in Emily's mouth--but at least I'll be able to "move about the cabin" on a more regular basis.

Emily also ate for an hour and a half at a stretch last night, and that may have colored my vision a bit! She's definitely on a growth spurt; she passed through most of the 3 month clothes over the last two weeks, and now I am digging into the 9 and 12 months things to stock the drawers as she keeps elongating. She is going to be tall, I think.

Anyway, Matt had a meeting Monday night for parents of the team, and yesterday he and Rebekah went to the store, to get ready for a big cooking day on Saturday, so I've put Laura to bed on my own twice this week (last night went better than Monday!) Now our busy-ness is from getting ready for Saturday; tonight I made 15 cups of rice (filling our bigger dutch oven...that's a LOT of rice! But we'll use it.), and started some yogurt turning into cheese (a nice solution to the vast wasteland that is non-fat sour cream; basically, you eliminate the water from yogurt and you have a much healthier version). I'll post a link to directions when I get around to it; my version of the process involves a bowl, a colander, some coffee filters, and the nf yo. Overnight gets you sour-cream substitute consistency; longer gets you up towards cream cheese texture. Nummy! Oh, and it works better supposedly (though I haven't tested this, I'll know by tomorrow) if you get "natural" yo, without any gelatin added. When I get time and energy to make bread again, I'll even recycle the drained whey and use it as liquid in the bread dough. "Waste not, want not," or whatever.

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