October 31, 2005

Hallowe'eny Weekend

Our weekend started off well, with a flyby visit from JJ and Robin on
Friday afternoon. They were on their way to be wined and dined as OSU
opened a new engineering building; they "sponsored" an office and thus
were looking forward to some free food and earned accolades (and, joke,
JJ's first OSU football game, even though he WENT there!) It's always
fun to talk to such sparkling conversationalists (not to mention, good
friends), when the talk can range from storing baby teeth to patents to
potty training to string theory. As always, too short a time, but glad
to have it.

Saturday was a whirlwind of shopping; the usual trip for groceries,
plus some others. We went to Target and got a new car seat for Emily;
she is soon to grow out of the newborn infant carrier, so we found the
same model Laura's been using, as it has worked very well for her, and
fits in our car (thanks to Butch and Sandi for the gift card that
helped!) Also picked up that hallmark of emerging adulthood, training
pants, for Laura. As I assured Matt, I am not planning to put them on
her tomorrow, or let her wander unattended (upholstery cleaner at my
side...) just yet. But, it's something for her to look forward to, and
while I've collapsed my morals on disposable diapers, I haven't yet
given in to the ubiquitous disposable "pull up". I'm sure time will
test my resolve.

The last trip of the day was to Toys 'R' Us, to spend another gift card
(thanks to Laura--the other one--and Eric!) We decided to get a few
things for Emily to play with--since it was actually HER gift--so she
gets to have some un-chewed and -drooled on teethers, rattles, and
links. These should help keep her little brain occupied and happy
while Mommy does yoga, fixes food, and perhaps even does a lick of
housework, or--more likely--plays chase with Laura. Since Laura's
birthday is coming up, and we are both cheap and confident that she's
too young to know the difference in early date and lack of wrapping
paper, we picked out a few books for her to own with the rest of the

Sunday, we made it to church, which turned out to be an "all's well
that ends well" thing. I had thought the event that happened this
Sunday was supposed to be *next* Sunday, and was bummed because it
looked like we had to be elsewhere then. But, as you already know, I
had my dates mixed up, so we got to see the former bishop and go to the
potluck and socialize all the same. I am glad--also, three lucky
winners got to hold Emily, so it was a good thing all around, you see.

We came home, poured a tired (from the time change) Laura-B. into bed,
and busied ourselves around the house. When she awoke, we got together
with Ross and Tamara to carve pumpkins. Tamara GREW the cute little
pumpkins, and had generously given us two (one for each girl), and they
brought over their own three to carve here. We decided to all eat
dinner together, and stayed up a little too late enjoying their
company. AND, Laura got another early present from them, which we were
all having fun playing with--a "mega blocks" set with the 100 Acre
Woods crew; how could that *not* be a hit, in this house? (She has
spent most of her free time today with it, too--thanks for the break,

Hallowe'en so far has been fairly uneventful; we'll do a costume for
Laura next year, when she'll be old enough to be more involved with the
whole idea. We did sneak across the street and say "welcome" to our
new neighbors (though one of them wasn't home yet). We are excited,
both since they seem like nice folks and because we have not had to
call the police on them yet (unlike the previous occupants.) As
another feather in the bad hat of our used-to-be neighbors, they didn't
even warn these new buyers that they were abandoning their cats--two,
UNFIXED, females, who clearly belonged to them, were just
abandoned--complete, of course, with kittens. Thanks a lot for leaving
us a feral cat population, jerks!* On the up side, though, as I say,
the new people seem to be worthy in their own right, as well as being a
VAST improvement. "Sunny day, wishin' the clouds away..."

One additional grace note was a visit from the City's Public Works
department. A very personable fellow knocked on the door, and
explained that they were going to literally "look into" our friendly
local drain, and see if our flooding issue could be solved. They also
reiterated that we should call their dispatch number if we notice the
problem recurring, so they can see it in action, as it were. Finally,
he said they'd stop in and let me know what they found. I was
astounded, first to even get a visit; I figured they'd just write the
spot down on their clipboard, do what they could, and go on with their
day. The personal touch was definitely nice. Second, I was even more
surprised to hear that they planned to let me know the result. Now
*that's* good customer service. Kudos! (and thanks, Ty, for giving me
the name of the person at the City who got the ball rolling!)

*I would use the language I'm *really* thinking, but would feel bad
posting such on the internet.

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Tami said...

LMK if you would like me help with your carseat installations, I'd be more than happy to come take a look! 95% of the seats that I see are misused in some way, so it's worth it to have them looked at. Not to mention FREE ;)