October 9, 2005

A Freezer Full...

Saturday was long, but worth it. (That's pretty much what we always
say after a big batch of cooking.) We made manicotti, meatballs, and
four other dishes, and it is all stashed away in the freezer (except
what's in the fridge, awaiting cooking for tonight!) Except for not
having quite enough (one of the trips to the store...), the yogurt
processing process worked out really well. I have dubbed it
"performing the Acidophilus Charm," in nods to bacteria and Harry
Potter. It's a good feeling to know that not only is the freezer
stocked, but that it's full of food that's really, really good for us:
low fat, low cholesterol, and mostly un-processed.

Adding to the excitement were the Borah girls. They are all pretty
well behaved, but it's still a bit of a zoo when you have four little
girls, aged about 20 months, 23 months, 3, and 5 (and one baby, aged 2
and a half months) all in two rooms and a hall. Plus the four
grownups, who took turns cooking, tending girls, and holding the baby.
Plus my mother, who came by to play with Laura and found herself
surrounded by little girls instead! My mother went home when Laura
went down for (and actually took, amazingly enough) her nap....

But Tamara ended up coming over not that long after; we called her to
see if we could borrow some catsup, and save ourselves a third trip to
the store (we are good cooks, honest; but when dealing with many
multiples of things, we always seem to trip over some amounts. The
selling by weight versus cooking with volume gets me every time. Why
can't they come up with another name for one of those two different
kind of ounces??? Is that too much to ask??? Anyway, check in with us
in five years or so; I'm sure we'll be perfect! ;-) ) Charlotte, the
youngest of the Borahs, ended up going home with Tamara for a little
while (she was at the door, Tamara--joking, I think--asked if she
wanted to go with her, and she said yes! It just struck me funny
because Laura is sooooo not like that.), and returned with bears for
everybody between the ages of 1 and 6. That was a big hit, let me tell
ya! Tamara, if you have not figured it out yet, is a gem (yes, Ross,
we like you, too. :-) ).

Having exhausted ourselves and our children, we took ourselves out for
Chinese. We tend to patronize Canton Garden, since it's directly on
Matt's route home, and partake of their take out when necessary. How
much has been necessary over the last few years was apparent yesterday
when the nice lady who works the counter there had to come and see the
kids, and said to me, "I saw Matt come through the door and panicked a
little, since we didn't have an order in for him!" Finding out that we
were eating there allayed her fears. She told me I was lucky, and I
concurred, adding that not only did I have two wonderful girls, but a
husband who brings me dinner from time to time.

We made it to church this morning, which was a good thing since I had
signed up to read. I was glad of both my poker face and speech
training, since the last line of the Bible reading I was doing was
covered up inadvertently (and I didn't realize it until I got there, so
I couldn't stand there and pick at the overlapped, glued on paper...but
fortunately, I had a pretty good idea how it ended...). And then, when
I had another reading, the book it was in had been moved out of the
way, so I spent perhaps 10 seconds searching for it (at the front of
the church, of course). I'm sure a little adrenaline rush now and then
is good for somebody with blood pressure as low as mine. On the up
side, in spite of her best efforts, none of Emily's spit up ended up on
either Matt or I. Of course, the day ain't over yet....

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