October 15, 2005

Bad Genes....

Sadly, I seem to have passed on some "klutz" genes to my darling toddler. She smacked herself badly on Thursday, but as usual, it could have been worse. Having pasted together the clues about what happened (based on her answers to interrogation the next day, and where she was when I got to her), she was on a chair in the living room, got distracted and fell off. VERY fortunately, she wasn't standing up or anything--probably, practicing her "baby yoga" instead--so it was more of a rolling out than a falling from. Of course, being my daughter, she found the one spot in the living room, near a seating area, that is NOT covered by the rug we purchased for just this reason. Naturally, she fell onto the hard wood.

Anyway, she gave herself a very fat lip, and her gum is pretty bruised. It looks disgusting, but her teeth all seem to be secure and it is healing. It doesn't seem to bother her much anymore, either (at least as long as we keep the Tylenol and Motrin flowing!), and since that's more than we can say for teething pain with her sometimes, I guess it's not that much to worry about. This sort of thing always makes me feel like a bad mom, especially since I wasn't in the room when it happened. Matt kindly pointed out that it probably wouldn't have mattered; I was right there when she snapped her toe or foot the other day, and could have done nothing to prevent that, either.

This has to be my least favorite part of being a parent: watching my little ones get hurt. I can be pretty stoic for shots, but actual injuries and sickness get me every time.

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Tami said...

I will never ever forget the week before Wrenna's 4th birthday. She did a pirouette off a dining room chair and cut the outside of her upper lip bad enough to get stitches. The next day, she went to preschool and someone tossed a basketball off a climber when she was standing nearby and the ball hit her right square on the cheekbone. It had a hard purple knot for weeks, and also caused her to have a black eye on that side the next day. The pics I have of her 4th birthday cannot be shown anywhere because I would be investigated for child abuse. ;) It's hard when they are so clumsy...and harder when it's due to your genes (I was known as Grace in college for the head injury incident...have I ever told you about that?). Thankfully, Noah has a little more coordination than either Wrenna or I.