September 6, 2005

We had a social weekend. (For those of you who get withdrawal symptoms when I don't post every day, just assume we are having too much fun to post. Or, working. :-) ) We got to hang out with our friends the Pickerels on Saturday, just eating ice cream and watching the girls be themselves. Sunday, a BBQ at Dennis and Maria's with the other Usual Suspects. Laura got to play with Jonah AND Ella, and against the odds Matt and I had fun, too. (I say, against the odds, because 1) Laura had no nap, except for the last five minutes of the car ride there, and 2) She has taken to kleptomania where other people's drinking vessels are concerned. Fortunately, our friends are relaxed.)

It's nice to know people are reading the blog, which I heard from several sources. I'd probably do it anyway (Matt says he likes it: "It's like reading about my own life!" Um, that would be because it IS your own life, or at least the 65% we share...he's been up in the middle of the night doing diaper changes. ;-) ), now that I've begun, but it's nice to know there's a real audience. I'll try to be consistent about how often I post to support my loyal readers.

Monday was devoted to last-minute school preparations, and getting Laura caught up on sleep. Success on both counts!

And now, a minor miracle (I thought of calling the Pope, but I'm sure he's busy. Besides, I'm not one of his flock...maybe I'll get the Archbishop of Canterbury on speed dial...). I did yoga this morning! This is a miracle for two reasons; the lesser of the two is that six weeks after my last pregnancy, there were a few things my muscles just wouldn't DO (notably, being able to suspend my bent legs to one side and the other of my torso when lying on my back--I just wasn't strong enough through the abs.) Either I'm way stronger from schlepping Laura around for the past 22 months, or it was the bed rest that weakened me. Maybe both. Anyway, the stretching did wonders for my back, which is getting a work out lately between carrying both girls and nursing in bed (comfy in that I don't have to get up--and therefore, wake up the whole way--but it sometimes requires comic contortions to get us connected.) The second miracle, of the more major variety, was that Matt wasn't here; the girls let me do it for twenty whole minutes! Emily cooed in the bassinet, looking at a colorful crib mirror. Guess that's one advantage of carrying her all the time; being down somewhere is a novelty. A similar thing worked with Laura: since we don't even watch movies with her, she was pretty interested in the yoga instructor on the video. We decided that it wouldn't do her any harm to see a video with no action to speak of, and no commercials. It didn't hurt her fascination any that he was stretching on a beach ("BEETCH!") Since she does "baby yoga" already (stretching her ankles up around her ears, etc.), I figure when she gets over being fascinated, she might just join me. Time will tell....

Of course, I didn't follow the directions. I wasn't exactly "free from other distractions", and so the two minutes or so of guided relaxation were not as relaxing as BC (Before Children). Still, I'll take what I can get.

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