September 25, 2005

Renewed and Refreshed

I had a wonderful time on the retreat. It was held at Triangle Lake, which was a very peaceful spot. My only beef was the distance we had to walk between where we slept and retreated and where we ate...there was a bit of a hill, and Emily got kind of heavy!

We focused on sabbatical: what it is, how to get to it, what to do on one, and why it is so difficult, especially for women, to make the time and space for one. In one of our discussions, I mentioned my sewing room, and how nice it is to have a space set aside just for me, just for that activity. We wondered why more of us didn't have some place like that. And then I said, "And how many men have a *shop*?" I'm not blaming's just that we have to find a way for women to have their own space, too, and to have it be O.K. socially. Maybe it's a side effect of that whole "women run the home" thing; no one thought of setting aside a space for R&R since women were supposed to have the run of the place. But that was all for work, not for rest. Bah. Everybody needs a little spot.

All in all, it was an overwhelmingly positive experience. I had the chance to get to know some of my fellow church-goers, and lots of people held Emily and enjoyed her (and Curran, the VERY happy baby who also attended.)

Matt and Laura had some good daddy-daughter bonding time while we were away, and it was nice to be reunited one and all yesterday afternoon. She started learning the ABC song while I was away, and Emily has begun smiling and cooing! (we are suckers for that.)

Pictures are here, mostly of the people I went with. :-)

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