September 17, 2005

Party Animals

One reason I've been so lax about posting is that it's been kind of a hectic week. Matt had things that kept him late at or on the way home from school each day but Friday, and I was trying to get the house back into some kind of order since we had many people over last night. Between me being pregnant and then in recovery, nobody's had much time to do things like clean the kitchen floor (it was OOKEY!) Inviting people over (especially ones who haven't been here before) is always a good spur for me to clean. And I was at least partly successful (that floor did get clean!), though I don't think it would pass any white glove tests.

My children were not especially cooperative. I've noticed that they feed off each other; the bad days are shared, and the one good day was also shared (ah, such angels they were! It was Wednesday, and I needed it since they were both obnoxious stinkers on Tuesday--the day Matt got home latest, naturally. How do they know???) I have noticed, too, that usually, when they're *really* obnoxious, the next day is a good one. Perhaps the rottenness tires them out, too, and they just can't help being good? Or maybe I've learned something new about how to un-rotten them by the next day?

On the other hand, the party was a blast. Our friend Bruce was here from D.C., on one of his semi-annual trips to visit his friends and family, and there were, I think, 13 adults, three toddlers, and two infants in attendance. Some random vignettes:

~Dennis letting me know that the "Got Milk" post had entirely Too Much Information for him.

~Ty and Dave discussing windows in the "Man Group" in the kitchen (while our men still congregate, I do just love that it was in the kitchen. And they were even cooking pizza at the time!)

~Carol and Ella playing with the Fridge Phonics thing (many of the toddlers and their keepers had fun wandering around with the letters, and eventually sending them back to their home on the fridge. "Home, home on the fridge...")

~the flames alarming Joe as he carried Bruce's birthday cake out to the living room (there were 33 candles on that puppy, and it was HOT). I got Joe to carry it since I thought I might trip. Bruce said he was surprised, since we didn't advertise it as a birthday party. :-)

~Laura sidling up to Erin on the couch, with a come-hither look in those big blue eyes and a beguiling smile, saying "Cake?" (Now, where did she learn that? Yes, I do puppy-dog eyes, but I don't remember doing them lately, particularly in front of her. Is it in the DNA?)

~Erin sitting on the floor, saying "There are two bites of cake left, one for Laura and one for Jonah," and feeding them in turn like little birdies (though Laura already had had her piece of cake; she's quite an opportunist).

~Me pointing out to Eileen that our wine glasses are actually water goblets, so they're fuller than they look. She didn't care, but Bruce wanted more wine, too, so he cut her off.

~Susan getting baby Elisha to stop crying (until she started again, anyway).

~Dave letting us know that that thing in our front door is called a "speakeasy". Wonder if that's where the name for the bar came from, or if it was the other way around? We think it's cool, anyway, and are glad to know what to call it. "Peep hole" didn't quite describe it...

~Joe remarking that this was fun, just like Christmas, with all the kids playing with each other while the adults were able to talk.

~Robyn and Bruce staggering out the door at 2:00 AM (it was 5 AM by Bruce's time!!), after a wonderful few hours spent just talking and getting caught up. I miss that, especially as an introvert who can't get one on one time with everyone at a party this big--I didn't even get to talk to Maria or Carol much, sadly.

I am not a party animal at heart, but I do love to entertain, and it was a good-sized group for our house; full, but not so that we were tripping over each other. I know Laura had fun, too; her idea of a good time is getting to play with Jonah AND Ella. She was sad when each one left. I can only hope everyone else enjoyed themselves as much as we did!

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