September 20, 2005

On the Mend...

I'm glad to report that we all seem to be improving. Matt escaped with a mere scratchy throat for 24 hours, while Laura, Emily and I have all been....draining. Ick. Laura is the grossest, and of course, the most able to elude the clutches of a tissue-wielding grown up. I actually said to her today, "Yuk! How can that NOT bother you???" Emily does pretty well as long as she's propped up; you wouldn't know she has a cold, really, except that when she's laid down flat to be changed it takes her a while to clear out the accumulation of...stuff. Otherwise, she's in good shape. As for me, I feel better, mostly, but I have that sexy, three-packs-a-day smoker voice, which would be wonderful except it kinda hurts to use it, and a cough. That, too, affects Emily; I imagine nursing on a cougher must be something like getting your elbow jiggled randomly when you're trying to sip your soda. She manages, though.

No one sent any soup, but since Laura keeps asking for it and then not eating it, perhaps it's just as well. I think perhaps there's nothing like illness to intensify todllerishness: she is more clingy and cuddly, and more disobedient, all at once. At the same time, I've been on fire to do things. It's that weird thing that happens sometimes with colds (even without cold medication)--I get bursts of energy, then crash because I've done too much. I moved a little furniture today, did laundry, changed out the crib (washed all the animal/dolly friends therein, dried same in time for nap), organized Laura's clothes drawers (which had been un-organized one day last weekend when Laura practiced a mandatory clothes evacuation maneuver on them), and generally made the nursery a safer place for a climbing short person. It didn't make for that exciting of a day, but I'm exhausted, naturally. Perhaps it's my body's way of making sure that I'm able to sleep well later.

Matt, on the other hand, had a more exciting day. Among other things, there was a natural gas leak at his school, so they all had to evacuate. Fortunately, the students were told to take their stuff in the classes with them, since it was into the next class period before things were fixed up and everyone could go back to work. Also fortunate was the could have been raining as they hiked 1/6 of a mile to the other campus to line up and be counted. I am happy to report, however, that FEMA was not involved. Perhaps that explains the speedy resolution of things.

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