September 19, 2005

The Family Germ

I don't know where we caught it, but a cold's got all four of us. It feels like a run-of the-mill virus to me, but it's a little rough on Emily; she's eight weeks old today, and still just breathes through her nose.

Send soup.


Tami said...

Oh, read my mind. I was actually going to write the same blog entry myself tonight but I will refrain since you did it already. I cooked a turkey the other day and as soon as I finish this comment, the carcass and drippings are going into the crockpot with veggies and in the morning, I shall have some yummy soup. I'd bring you some but I don't want your germs, sorry!

Ty Davison said...

Sorry to hear that. Jonah's got a bit of a cold now too, and I guess Dennis is under the weather as well. Hope the road to recovery is a short one for all concerned.