September 27, 2005

Come See the Cooing!

You know, if you've been wanting to see my kids but have been putting
it off, this is the perfect time. Not only are we really busy (and
Matt's birthday's coming up, inconveniently located, as ever, at the
beginning of the school year! ;-) ), but Emily is cooing and smiling.
A lot. She seems to have picked up tips from Curran, The Incredibly
Happy Baby, over the weekend. Even diaper changes are a treat at this

Also, at the rate Laura is pushing herself to learn things, if you're
here, you'll probably get to see her pick something up. The kid is just
drilling herself! I watched her basically treat a book on colors like
flash cards yesterday..."o.k., I know THIS one, and THIS one. What's
this one again? Check with Mommy. O.K. I've got it. I know THIS
one, and THIS one, and...yes...I know THIS one, now, too." I am just
trying to stay out of her way (and secretly hoping a) that she always
loves to learn that much, and b) that all my students were this
devoted. Though I may have to start strategizing ways to get her nose
*out* of books at some point...or hiding the naughty ones for a
while... ;-) )

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