August 22, 2005

Yesterday was one of those "lost days" that seem to happen when there's a newborn in the house. The nearest comparison I can make is (having never had one, myself) to the blackouts some drunks experience when they can't really remember where they've been or what they've done. Matt took Laura, and I took Emily, and we each just tried to sleep when our respective charges let us. Both of us had a little luck, but not nearly enough.

Around five o'clock, we all regrouped, gave the girls baths, ate dinner, and staggered towards night. Today is already better! (I do think I've figured out what might be bothering Emily's stomach, though, so I guess that's something...) I guess the high point from Sunday (for Matt, at the very least!) was that I was the one to give Laura her bath. Matt just did the lifting in and out and the toweling off; his knees have been suffering as he did the honors for the last few months when I was too big to be remotely comfortable folding over the tub, and then being in pain. I'm better, so I told him I'd give him (and his knees) a break.

Saturday, we went up to see Matt's mom and Bill, and Matt and she and Laura (Emily and I wouldn't have fit in the car, so we stayed at their house with Bill) went out to see if they could find a twin bed for Laura (eventually, someone else is going to need her crib...and while I don't care much about the bed stead itself, as long as it's not something that will entangle the child, I would like new mattresses, with all our allergies and kitties and whatnot.) I was a little surprised to find that there's not a great selection of them out there, at least not where we've been looking. Perhaps all the twin beds were sold in the 1950's, and people have just been passing them around since then. So, we'll keep trying. We still have some time; Emily is quite happy snuggling next to Mommy at the moment to sleep. And we have bassinets to set her in when I need a break, until she gets too big for them.

Friday, we went out to Silverton so Matt could do some inservice-y stuff at the school. He's planning to miss some of the "official" time, so that I won't have to be actually lifting Laura (and my check-up at the doctor's is in the middle of that time, too!) So he wanted to get his room set up as much as possible, and we all went so he wouldn't be completely responsible for The Toddler. She had a high old time, running up and down the aisles between desks, playing with crayons, and "helping" with the recycling while I purged a few file folders for Matt (her idea of helping is to spread the recycling around, giving us a chance to make SURE that we really want to get rid of each piece of paper. Sometimes, she helps pick up. Sometimes, she doesn't.) Anyway, we were home in good time for late naps.

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