August 7, 2005

Why use a blog? A very good question...I finally decided it was one good way to "keep in touch" least with those I know who have access to the web. I think it's sort of a good idea for an English-teacher-type person (especially one who prefers teaching writing over teaching literature!) to practice what she preaches; in other words, if I make my kids write, I ought to do it myself. Muscles that aren't used do tend to atrophy.

I used to send out emails from time to time, blanketing one and all that we love with news. Of late, I've gotten sort of lax about that sort of staying in touch. (My grandmother reminds me from time to time!) The arrival of Emily, and the overwhelming response to her pics on the web, made me realize that maybe there was an audience out there for the thrills and chills of our daily lives (well, really, there aren't really that many thrills OR chills--but let's not scare away the reader, o.k.?)

So, I have no large aims to become a high-volume site in the "blogosphere", but am looking for an easier, and more "user-friendly" way to keep in touch. I promise to still at least reply to emails, and maybe even send one out to let you know if there's something *really* exciting that I write about here. (Note well: I do plan to write about snail sketches--my Aunt Barb caught me out on that one, and it's just begging for an entry. Note well #2: this is a cheap method of foreshadowing.)


Tami said...

Ginger, thank you for starting the blog! I love blogs, and keep meaning to start one for myself...heh heh ;) Amazing how people are prone to losing touch with's directly related to the number of children they have and also the changes in their lives. Anyway, it's good to keep in touch with you guys again, even if it is in the form of my living vicariously through your blog! ;)

Ginger Ogle said...

Wow, Tam, you look terrific! Which is not to say you looked awful before--the pants picture is just really impressive!

Glad to see you're still alive, well, and even dating...I do think about you often and hope you're doing o.k., in spite of being horrific at keeping in touch. I'll have to do better since I hope not to have any more kids (and thus, will have no excuse to pop up out of the woodwork, unless I plan it! ;-) )

Sorry about having to make your own blog--I have the settings so that nobody can make anonymous comments. Keeps out the riffraff, doncha know. But if anyone doesn't feel like logging in, you can always email me. :-) Of course, this could all be part of my nefarious plan to spread the writing bug...yeah, that sounds a lot better!

Barbara said...

Pinic is great! the problem is aways when. So, when????????? Your start, Sunday Aug. 14 or 21?

Ginger Ogle said...

Well, there's a birthday party for Kelia on the 14th (her birthday is our anniversary, the 15th), AND I'm hoping to go to church that day, so the 21st is good for us. :-) Can you check with the rest of the fam. in PDX (I don't know how web-savvy the rest of 'em are...perhaps this'll get them out of the shadows if they're watching!)

Tami said...

Heh. That is a funny pic, I had no idea it would show up with my every comment.......

It was a LOT of hard, unfailing WORK. I can never forget that.

I am still alive and well, entered the dating world a couple of years ago and then fairly quickly exited once I found Fjoe. I brought him with me, though. ;)

Anyway! I look forward to seeing more of you guys and reading the blog to see what you are up to. I can fulfill my babylust needs vicariously through you. :)