August 29, 2005

We're thinking of "The Big Easy" and surrounding areas tonight. Sounds like a mess down there.

Before our own local flood warnings hit, we were out this morning in the backyard. A team effort got all the compostables moved around so that we can go back to adding fresh stuff to the bins (yay! Summer is a lousy time for the works to be not working; Emily was worth it, though.) And about those flood warnings: having had an incident the last time it really poured (I think it was in May, and the storm sewers couldn't handle the runoff, so our street flooded), I'm happy to report that both the Spider Closet (a.k.a. "the Wine Cellar." As if we had a Cask of Amontillado down there...) and Laura's nursery remained perfectly dry. I think the street has to actually be completely flooded, thus making our gutters overflow, thus dumping tons of water right next to a crack in the basement wall, in order for an "incident" to occur. And we do plan to address that little day soon. But the rareness of the problem makes it not excruciatingly high on the to-do list.

I got Laura's mattresses and head board ordered today (there was a little rush since this was the last day of the sale for the mattresses). We'll pick up the frame eventually (or whenever we get a buddy to go with us in an SUV or truck :-) ). Just another of the wonderful ways the Internet has changed our lives; it's still a little amazing to me that comparison shopping is so easy now. I'm sure it's a mixed blessing for stores, but I like taking advantage of it.

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