August 28, 2005

We spent some time Friday and yesterday getting Matt some things for school; he does wear out clothes, like everybody else. We had an unusually high level of success at actually finding things in the stores in which we looked; and a good thing, since clothes shopping with a toddler and a newborn is no joke! We all survived, though, and spent the better part of today cleaning closets and catching up on/taking care of the new laundry.

Cleaning closets is a big deal in our house. We have a pact to try to keep the "common" areas of the house reasonably tidy (if not always spic and span...), but no such rule applies to our own "private" areas. That's why our closets and offices seldom reach par; that's where we stash all the stuff we remove from the common areas. Cleaning out, clearing away, and general tidying-up behavior vary with our moods, and of course, the time we have to spend. Since we're both pretty anal, though, the actual process is like scratching a big, big itch. Matt moved out clothes he doesn't wear, and got all organized for school. I have a ton of ironing to do, but it's nice (actually, a watershed event!!!) to have all the stuff cleaned (including anything new) a whole week before school starts. With luck, I will not have to spend a lot of time the night before school begins slaving over a hot iron, as in years past; instead, I can peck away at it, which will be a lot better for me. I'm not complaining; I know it's sick, but I actually like ironing (and some other household chores that have an instant-gratification factor!) Meanwhile, I dug into secret built-in drawers and retrieved some pre-pregnancy clothes that I can hopefully wear while nursing, and replaced them with items that are only wearable when in a pregnant state. I'm sure it all sounds hopelessly mundane, but it really feels good; we are both patting ourselves heartily on the backs!

Emily is beginning to resemble Augustus Gloop. She still sleeps pretty well at night (once she GETS to sleep...), but she eats a great deal more during the day, most days, than she was a few weeks ago. Those big jowls have melted into the second chin, making her look like she could get sucked up that chocolate tube (not that we'd let her go swimming in the first place, of course!)

I think we've finally figured out the bed for Laura: wins for the headboard; Penney's wins for the mattresses (even though the delivery charge is higher than some local stores, the mattresses on sale are a MUCH higher quality than the ones we could get for the same price locally--they must be on "close out" or something), and one of the local stores wins for picking up a frame; lowest cost, and there's not much point in paying shipping for that. Nice to have it settled!

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