August 24, 2005


I forgot how hungry I would get when nursing! Especially when Emily goes on one of her occasional binges (perfectly normal, of course, since they fuel her growth spurts.) I'm trying hard not to gorge at each meal, since someday I would like to look un-pregnant again, and would prefer not to s t r e t c h my stomach out, so I end up eating at least as often as Laura (and sometimes, more, since she goes to sleep earlier than I do!) I have, however, been trying to eat more healthily (i.e., more like Matt, mostly) than I did when pregnant. Now that I'm up and around a bit more, I don't have to rely on "convenience" items as sources for protein as much (Matt is wonderful, but he draws the line at cooking, say, hamburger, for me, no matter how low fat it is; he tries hard not to eat beef at home at all, but he does love the stuff). On the other hand, Emily has already eliminated a few of my favorite ones (two healthy, one not), so it's always a challenge.

Which brings me to what we've been up to the last few days. When we can swing it, we like to keep the freezer stocked with pre-made (or just about made) meals. It has made life SO much easier since we started doing that. The challenge is finding recipes that all of us can eat: I can't have citrus, which is a *very* popular flavoring in low-fat meals, darn it. Matt tries hard to keep to a very low-cholesterol, healthy and relatively low-fat diet (we cook mostly with olive oil). (N.B.: He suspends the rules when we eat out, whether at restaurants and/or with friends or fam. This serves the combined purpose of making sure nobody else has to worry about our diets, and that we do have a social life! ;-) ) I have to give him kudos; he not only lost weight this way, but he was able to avoid having to use any cholesterol-lowering drugs, which his doctor didn't think was even possible given his cholesterol "scores". And all of this is to try to avoid his heritage, which involves quite a lot of heart disease. So, that's the challenge. And, of course, now that I'm nursing, finding things that aren't too, ahem, "troubling" for the baby. Bye-bye, broccoli! (no, I didn't give it up willingly...but I prefer to sleep at night.)

Given those parameters, plus not wanting to heat the house up too much in the hot part of August, we made meatballs (the root of sweet-and-sour meatballs, mmm). We have a recipe that uses 2/3 turkey breast (99% fat free, good stuff tho' kinda spendy) and 1/3 tofu (because I'm cheap, and some soybean is good for us). Also, we've got some cooked, diced chicken breasts (boneless, skinless, of course). Yesterday and this morning were perfect for cooking these, since it was fairly cool. One day soon I'm scheduled to make a couple batches of focaccia dough (which we'll add olives and mushrooms and parmesan to cook), and that should hold us for a while.

In between times, I've been searching online for Laura bed possibilities. I have assembled a possible solution for the money we've got--we're going to scope out one more bricks-and-mortar place before we take the plunge.

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