August 8, 2005

Sleeping Beauty

Today, we had to take Emily *back* to the doctor, because I had forgotten the little card they gave me at the hospital that has her little blood spots on it. It's the one they use to check for some fairly rare but serious disorders--PKU is the name of the tests, though they check for some other things, too. Anyway, I forgot it (they do the first test at the hospital, and the second at the dr.'s, then the doctor's office sends it off to some state testing lab.)

So we get there, I take Emily back into an exam room, and she's asleep (she fell asleep in the car, as usual.) The tech. and I extract her little heel, and the tech. puts some warming stuff on it to increase the blood flow. She "sticks" Emily. Emily screams. Emily continues screaming as the tech. squeezes out the blood to fill in all the little dots on the card. The tech. finally finishes filling in the dots. Emily stops screaming. The tech. applies cotton balls, and that stretchy stuff to use as a bandage. I look at Emily. She is asleep again!!! And stayed that way, pretty much, until after we were home.

I know one is not really supposed to compare one's children to each other, but I can't help but note how much difference there is between this reaction, and Laura's. I was expecting to have a sad little girl who really, really wanted to nurse. (Of course, Laura would nurse at the drop of a hat--anyone's hat, in any nation!--so that probably skews my reality a bit...) Or at least a little girl who was awake, especially by the time she was pulled in and out of her carseat. That, though, is not the child I have. What other surprises does she have in store?

Speaking of sleep....I tried going pain-drug free today (I have a prescription for the maximum dose of Motrin, as well as the Tylenol 3, and am allowed to take them together or in sequence, whatever I feel like.) The Motrin works well--though not as well as the T3--but using it all day, every day, tends to bother my tummy. Although codeine is about at the bottom of the list of the addictive opiates in terms of potency and therefore, likelihood of addiction, I'm trying to be careful with the stuff, especially since the whole incision thing is making me need more of it than I'd like. (I did resist all attempts at the hospital to give me Percocet--the charge nurse made me promise to take it if I wasn't walking enough. I walked! And then my o.b. offered me a prescription for it, which I got downgraded to the T3. Last time, I was not so smart at the hospital and found out that I really hate Percocet, even if it does kill the pain. They always tell me at the hospital that I have a "high pain tolerance." Whatever. You should hear me wail when they stick me with things like spinal needles and IV's, though...) Fortunately, during this experiment, through the grace of Matt and Emily (one watched the toddler, and the other took several naps--you work it out :-) ), I slept a great deal once we got back from the appointment. But I have decided I'm not ready to go without painkillers...I was in a fair amount of agony when I finally rose for dinner. At least now I know, and I'm definitely well-rested!

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Tami said... are SO gonna love having 2!!! It's a blast, it really is...despite all my prevailing complaints. I am worn out, profoundly exhausted, hassled, and exasperated. But they are still a joy...just a very tiring joy LOL!

Those sibling comparisons are so inevitable. The genetic dance never fails to be interesting. My kids are oftentimes different as night and day and 2 minutes later I would swear they were identical twins if I didn't know any better. Mind-boggling.

Hope you girls get over your needlesticks and incision pains soon.....(ouch!) In the meantime, take it easy. I still remember very vividly the very first time I ventured out alone with both kids in the car, I was so nervous and they both did way better than I imagined they would. Heh...too bad they've been totally nutso in the store together ever since! ;)