August 10, 2005

Sleeping Beauty II

Last night was more normal--up at midnight with Emily, then again at 5 or so. But Monday night, just as she turned two weeks old, she slept for seven hours straight. Honestly, I know I should just count my blessings, but after having to wake up Laura every three hours when she was a newborn, this just creeps me out a little. On the up side, I can certainly get used to it, especially since Laura didn't reliably sleep through the night until this last February or so. I have a lot of missed sleep to catch up on!

Since figuring out several months ago that Laura and Matt basically share sleep patterns (complete with night terrors, which are almost funny with Matt--because he often doesn't remember them and is absolutely unable to communicate the scary stuff at the time--but are a pain with Laura, since she can't communicate except by crying inconsolably), I am hoping that perhaps all this sleepiness means Emily has *my* sleep patterns. That would be nice: deep, calm, restful, and long. Lousy, of course, if one of her future teachers wants her to complete a "dream journal", since I seldom remember mine, but you can't have everything.

Yesterday was a busy day but not especially exciting; Matt had stores to go to for various supplies before and after Laura's nap, and during the nap he was again painting chalkboards (it may need one more coat; stay tuned for late breaking developments. ;-) ).

Today, we got to go to the library. I'd been envisioning sending Laura and Matt off to savor the fun of Lap-Sit Storytime without Mommy (or Emily), but I realized yesterday that I was BORED. One hazard of being a nursing mom recovering from a C-section is that you get stuck sitting a great deal. Being in recovery from surgery means that getting up again, to, say, set the sleeping baby down somewhere and do something Energetic and/or Useful, is really not that attractive. I'd rather read. But I've been getting stuck under the sleeping baby with nothing *to* read. A real tragedy, I know. So Emily and I went along to get some books for me, to save me from counting the threads on the recliner's upholstery.

My first selection is "The Meaning of Wife," a nonfiction book which so far looks pretty interesting. Matt saw it (and its somewhat provocative cover), and said, "Uh-oh, am I in trouble?" I assured him that he was fine--it looks to be more of an examination of societal unease with the term and all its connotations, as opposed to a polemic that argues one interpretation over another. But I'm only in the second chapter...

Meanwhile, the family web page is updated, too. Included are new shots of the girls, of course, and some pics of playmates I've mentioned in previous entries, as well as a few pictures of our beach trip. (I haven't mentioned Elisha; she's Jonah's little sister, and came over with her brother and parents, Ty and Erin, to welcome Emily and play with Laura. Both little ones slept side by side for the entire visit, pretty much as they appear in the picture.) Enjoy! Oh, and help settle a debate (it's not up to the status of an argument, by a long shot) : Matt says people will be disappointed that the old newborn shots aren't there. I figure, since we have somewhat limited space, that I'll take down the old to make space for the new. Would you rather also have access to the old pics, even if it means all the pictures would need to be smaller, or is it fine to just see the new ones? Submit your opinion and make your voice heard! :-) You can comment here, or email us. Consider this the first reader poll of our new blog. ;-)

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