August 18, 2005

Out in the yard today again, and I discovered quickly that I am not recovered enough to be digging in the dirt (with a shovel, at least). Guess those nasty weeds will have to wait awhile! I'm perfectly capable of sifting compost, though, so I did that instead. Matt built us three big compost bins two? years ago, and they've weathered quite well, in spite of being made of old fence boards (those came with the house, and many were already on their last legs...). We've actually not been adding to the bins lately (what with the pregnancy, recovery, and newborn!), so the stuff in them has mostly stopped composting...but there's still lots of good stuff to be recovered, and we'll go back to adding to it to break down the leftovers. None of this is a particularly big deal; we try to take a Zen approach to it. As Matt has learned, our mantra is "compost happens." Anyhow, the bit that I sifted got added to the bed that most needs amending, that against the back fence (the one that separates us from the "street" that's really an alley behind our house). We started outside when Laura was down for her nap (I skipped TBS today, having slept in), and when she got up, she was eager to see what on earth (get it?) Mommy was doing. I may train her to sift sometime soon...why waste all that toddler energy? Besides, I find it to be wonderfully meditative, while being more productive than, say, watching paint dry. Not to mention feeling righteous the whole time for actively doing the "reduce, reuse, recycle" thing. (And let's not forget that it appeals to certain aspects of my, um, Northern Great British heritage--we don't spend anything much on amending the soil, just a little lime from time to time.)

While I was sifting, Matt was figuring out ways to get the moss off the roof of the house and especially the garage. We prefer not spending much money, and not using anything that's going to hurt the environment, so the first step is using (gentle) brute physical force (the next step, really, is getting someone to trim the maple tree further away from the roof, but that's a big budget item...maybe next year!) He did a good job; he took a long pole I bought last year at a garage sale, duct-taped a flat wire brush to it (left over from prepping the house for painting, I think), and did all the spots he could reach easily on the step ladder. It came off pretty well--a good thing, since this may become an annual ritual. All in all, I think the tree still has more benefits than costs, especially in the summer when our back yard is several degrees cooler than the front (though *I* am not the one balancing on the ladder....)

Yesterday was a little hazy; Emily had rough nights two nights running (what was it that Mommy ate? Could it be kielbasa? Onions? Eggs? Time will tell...). We (mostly Matt) tidied up around the house, we all ate, and some of us got clean. Some days with a newborn, that's all we can hope for!

On the other hand, what with being up so much, Emily took the opportunity to eat pretty often. She's developed a lovely second chin, and seems well on her way to a third (Matt notices, since he changes her a lot more than I do, that her behind has more padding on it, too). We do like our babies to be chubby!

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