August 13, 2005

Like so many others, when I first read _The Power of Myth_ as a freshman in college, I was struck by Joseph Campbell's words: "follow your bliss and don't be afraid, and doors will open where you didn't know they were going to be." Lately, truly, my bliss has been being at home with my girls (even though the recovery is not that much fun!) We've been very fortunate in the help we've received; I know a lot of people would despair at "making it" on one teacher's salary, at least with a growing family. Anyway, last week I got a nice affirmation from the universe; Matt and I kept talking about getting a double stroller to make life easier now that we have two kids to cart around...I finally said that I'd love to have one, but wasn't willing to spend money on it, so if someone wanted to give us one, fine. Otherwise, we'd manage somehow. Not twenty-four hours later, one of our neighbors knocked on the door, and asked if we wanted their double stroller to use until the girls are too big (their two kids are too big for it now.) It's not that huge in the grand scheme of things, but we're grateful...and it does make it seem as if we're on the right track, somehow. :-)

Today went well; Matt and I and even Laura actually got into the back yard to do some tidying up. Usually, I mulch in the fall (having an abundance of available leaves on the ground!) around the various garden beds, then clear up gradually in the spring as I plant things. This year, I did basically nothing in the yard since I was pregnant and feeling gross. So the leaves, as well as the dead bulb leaves, etc., were still there. Oh, and let's not forget the weeds that had sprung up, too (thankfully, the one thing I *did* do while pregnant was attack the biggest weeds. And there would have been many more had we not mulched, of course.)

Laura was our expert scooper; she held a big dust pan and loaded it up with guck that Matt and I had swept or raked up, then dumped it in a bucket her daddy could dump in the bin. She got completely covered in dust and bits of leaves and smeared her hands in all the vegetation, and couldn't have been happier! She got a bath later! (oh, and Emily was sleeping in her carseat,
resting on its stroller apparatus thing.) She--Laura--also wanted to wear Mommy's gloves, which was o.k. with me by then since I was done working and only "supervising" at that point.

Anyway, there's lots more to do before it doesn't look like a jungle out there, but the herb bed looks tidy and the patio is swept and the bed under the maple looks a lot cleaner. Since these are all visible from my office's French doors, I am enormously happy we got it all done!

(Frightening how much I can get done if I just take the right drugs...I have given up trying to avoid them and will just take the d@#% things when I hurt. The doc assures me I should feel better in a few weeks, and *she's* not worried about me getting hooked. (Perhaps because I worry about it....))

While all the girls took what Matt today called "The Big Sleep" after all that yard work, he got some time to goof off, which always seems to be good for his soul. All in all, a good day.

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