August 7, 2005

Laura's Learning!

Laura is at that stage where she's picking up new words quite quickly. My favorite manifestation of this has been in relation to her playmates. She's been saying "MA!" for her grandma for quite a while, but lately has been waxing nostalgic about her time with "Donah" (Jonah), especially when we talk about her shoes. (Jonah was kind enough to loan her some in her size, since he's grown out of them). She pats the corner of the couch where she sat with her cousin Kelia last week and says, unsurprisingly, "Klia!" And yesterday, after the family shindig, we went to visit our friends Joe and Carol and their little one, Ella. So today, she's mentioned Ella several times, and sort of looks around for her. I think it's safe to assume she had fun! (Thanks, Joe and Carol!!)

Lots of people have asked how Laura is adapting to having Emily around. So far, she's fascinated and somewhat protective; she looks a little skeptical whenever we let somebody hold "her" baby. We are trying to hedge our bets against jealousy by having her help out whenever possible; she unfolds diapers for daddy when he's changing Emily, and "helps" me burp the baby by patting her on the back. So far, she's been reasonably gentle (for a toddler) in her interactions with her little sister. I'm sure she could use some more one-on-one time, especially with Mommy, but all in all she's coping pretty well.

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