August 16, 2005

"I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see."
-- John Burroughs

I think of this quote whenever I have a particularly good time with friends, as we have the last few days. Sunday, we had a wonderful dinner with our neighbors and friends, Ross and Tamara. (We actually invited them out, and they ended up taking us to dinner, the sneaks. :-) ) Even though we live next door to each other, it's amazing how hard it is sometimes to stay caught up on each other's lives; so, it's always a good thing when we can take a little time to touch base.

We also made it to church for the first time since Emily's been born. There were many oohs and aahs. In a few weeks, she'll probably be old enough that we can just pass her around the sanctuary during the service ;-) (there are a LOT of grandparents and/or wannabes in our church!)

Monday was another fun day. We went out to breakfast, came home for TBS (The Big Sleep), then packed up and went to A.C. Gilbert's Discovery Village. They were having a grand opening of an exhibit, and an anniversary celebration of their own, AND we had never been there! What fun!! If you've never been there and have a small child, I highly recommend it. Among other things, they have a room devoted to playing with bubbles, a good sized sand pit, what seemed like miles of "outdoor play structure" with many variations (something like a tree house, actually...), and, of course, the exhibits. Yesterday's goodies included an "'80's dance party" (there weren't that many people there, or dancing, so we and others got to enjoy Laura's dance moves) and actual break dancers. Adding to the fun for us was meeting friends: Heather and David were there with Liam, and Tami was there with Wrenna and Noah. Since these were all people we hadn't seen in months (and years!), it was truly wonderful to get caught up a bit while the kids played. We came home exhausted but happy and poured Laura into bed, sand and all (she is currently enjoying a bath to remove it!)

Since Matt hates to have the kitchen heated up when it's already hot outside, I decided to do a little "cooking ahead" last night while we were waiting for the house to cool off anyway-–nothing exciting, just fish and rice--so we'd have stuff in the fridge. Of course, now it's deliciously cool today (that's life for you....) On the other hand, it's nice to finally be feeling up to cooking some (Matt is ecstatic about that!)

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