August 12, 2005

I finished _The Meaning of Wife_ this morning, and I give it two thumbs up (or ring fingers...). It was a fascinating (and often, really funny) exploration of what the term means to us, and what it, perhaps, ought to mean. The author explores lots of different aspects of the term, including a *really* interesting history of the origins of a certain...umm...household appliance (only the fifth to be electrified, even before the vacuum or iron! Though that was probably more for the convenience of doctors than housewives, because they...well, read the book. ;-)) If I had to boil her discussion and recommendations down to a nutshell (to mix metaphors), I'd say she feels that when you say someone is a husband, you don't know much about them except that they're married; when you say someone's a wife, there are a whole host of--mostly stereotyped--ideas that swarm to mind. She suggests that our society will probably be better off when the latter is no longer so, a direction that we are moving in with glacial speed. It was definitely good non-fiction in my book: interesting, well-written, entertaining, funny, quote-worthy, and something that made me think.

Yesterday was a little sleep-deprived; I don't think Emily cares for taco-salad flavored milk. Last night was back to normal, so I still really can't complain.

Laura continues to be fascinated with the baby. We often put Emily in her carseat when she's sleeping and nobody feels like holding her, and Laura will get *really* close to the carseat and stare into Emily's face from a distance of four or so inches (I figure if this doesn't freak Emily out, maybe they'll be good friends!) I think Emily gets better hugs and kisses from Laura at night before bedtime than I do. Then again, I'm generally holding Emily at the time, so I sneak in some extras.

Today was a banner day for Laura; just as I read that at her age, children often begin to say their own names, this afternoon, she finally did! (she's been saying EM-I-LY! for a long time.) She continues to acquire words quickly; she's at that stage where she can repeat something after only hearing it once or twice (recently hearing it, at least...who knows what she has stored away in her brain by now?) I'm not so much impressed because she's my own personal child, as I am at how the whole language acquisition process works--we've gotten so used to her limited vocabulary that it's just startling when she picks things up we said just a moment before, and the change in her learning has been very rapid. Must be a switch somewhere in the brain that just flips to "on."

On the other hand, it was not that great a day for her mommy; I had a doctor's appointment. The ol' incision was examined (ouch), Neosporin cleaned off (ouch), silver nitrate applied (double double ouch ouch). My doc seemed a bit apologetic that I was still experiencing ouches; I guess in her line of work people are usually either anesthetized or really distracted when they hurt, and then it's not really her fault, but Mother Nature's. I tried going without any drugs again yesterday and again regretted it, so the doc set me up with some more meds, and said I should be feeling better by the time I go in for the six week check up. Ironically, I have no problem lifting, stretching, etc., since my insides feel fine; I just don't want that skin (on my outsides!) to move, so I end up holding still for as long as I can. Not a very conducive regimen for getting all better and back to a pre-pregnancy shape, so, back to the drugs I go. I do need to be up and around, for my sanity as well as my health. I have promised Matt I'm not going to become a junky. The doc also gave me a prescription for some goop that plastic surgeons use--a minor steroid--that she says will speed up the healing process as well. Of course, the pharmacy we use didn't carry it, so I can't get my hands on it until Monday. C'est la vie.

Matt continues to slave away at the housework and toddler care; he said today he thought I was healing slower than last time, and I think he's right. I wasn't in this much pain still at this point with Laura (even though I got to sleep for much shorter periods, so I was probably loopier!) Anyway, I'm awfully glad to have him. I don't know how people manage without sympathetic husbands, and totally understand how easy it would be to have postpartum depression if one didn't have much help at home (not that that's the only reason people have it, but it is one of the possible contributing factors.) We did both work on bathing Emily tonight; it takes a while to remember how, but bathing a baby is like riding a bike, I guess, in that one does remember once in position. He is also working hard to remember silly songs we sang to Laura as a baby (why reinvent the wheel?) And he's been quite nice to Laura about singing songs from the library's story time to her, over and over. And over. And over. And over. (We've been working on a few extra verses to the "Wheels on the Bus" song, just so we wouldn't have to start over at the beginning again so soon. Oh, the sacrifices we make to have literate children....)

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Tami said...

The duck on the bus goes quack, quack, quack.......and the monster goes rarrr rarrr rarrr!!! LOL

I just wanted to add that I have a colleague where I teach preschool whose name is Laura and all the kids call her "Teacher Wowa" until they can actually say "Laura" and it is sooo darned cute! ;)

Looking forward to seeing you guys Monday!