August 26, 2005

Happy Birthday, Emily!

Thursday, Emily was a month old. We celebrated by going to the beach again (well, it sounds like a good excuse to me, anyway! And she didn't care--she slept and ate just like she does at home.) Laura has fallen in love with the beach; she got all of a yard onto the sand proper before she plopped herself down and dug in.

Conversations with her sound like talking to a schizophrenic in a foreign language, though (explanation follows):
G: Did you have fun today?
L.: Ella! Yun! Yant! Kye!

This from a child who is perfectly capable of saying "yeah" or "nope". Of course, those aren't detailed enough. Ever since we went to see Joe and Carol a month or so ago, "Ella" has stood in for "fun". So I interpret the first part as, "Yes, I had as much fun as I did with Ella!" The rest are all the reasons we go to the beach ("beetch!") : Sun! Sand! Sky! Upon reflection, I couldn't have said it better myself.

On the way home, we stopped for dinner at the Kodiak Bar and Grill in Lincoln City. I mention it by name because it was a great place. The food was good, and we got quite a lot for the money, but more importantly, the whole place had a quirky, self-deprecating sense of humor. And, they had a playroom with a dolly (and clothes), two huge bears, kid-sized tables and chairs as well as a few sofas for the grown ups to sit on and supervise, and a three-horse carousel. What a brilliant idea for families; giving the kids a chance to blow off steam before/during/after dinner, but without having a Chuck E. Cheese atmosphere (or menu). Two thumbs up! (Matt's only complaint: the drinks were not "bottomless.")

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