August 30, 2005

Goals for the day:

--Get Matt out the door on time to inservice.
--Have both children (and me) survive until he returned to put Laura down for her nap.

Check. Check! There were a few rough spots, but we did all survive. Emily got sideswiped by a disobedient Laura (it was an accident--Laura was randomly flailing at the time, not aiming for anybody, but that didn't stop her from being evicted from the room), but she--Emily--was just fine (just a little shocked at the completely unfamiliar treatment!). Laura was fine, too, eventually; she just had to scream for a while to, um, express her feelings about the banishing. On the up side, she stayed banished even though the door was open, so at least she obeyed *then.* We'll take any progress we can get.

I try to remind myself, over and over, that toddlers all go through this sort of thing, that it's normal, and in fact, necessary as a part of growing up. Otherwise, we'd all be random ids, with no egos or superegos developed over time. (Then again, I think there are people in the world who've never gotten past the toddler stage in maturity; perhaps they were never kicked out of a room for making their baby sister cry...) I also try to see the progress (as above)...she does like to emulate us, so she's *trying* to be a grown up. We noticed the other day that she says, "Oh, yeaaaaah" when she leans over to one side; we figured out that that's how Matt stretches his back. Today she picked up my baby sling in one hand, and a dolly in the other, and had me help her get the dolly all secured. We tell her she's a good mommy! (and this was after the incident, so she doesn't hold grudges...)

So there she is, demonstrating the ease and flexibility of the sling; she's a hip mom, after all; she's got to keep up on her reading of the weekly newsmagazines, and she's not gonna let her dolly keep her from it! It's moments like this that make it possible to love her not merely because she's my own flesh and blood, in spite of her being a stinker sometimes. After all, she makes me laugh!

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Tami said...

Hang in there, mama....there will be more of the same ahead. And you can take perverse comfort in the fact that one day Emily will be big enough to thump Laura back and thump she will....believe me! Noah is the bully of the two at our house. He is horribly hard on Wrenna...but tit for tat, he probably still has a lot of work to do yet.

I have a friend who makes dolly slings for little parents if you are interested. ;) You know, in case you wanted yours back...