August 7, 2005

The C-section story...

Well, I'm not going into all the gory details (we've recounted the story many times, and Matt tells a pretty funny version of the labor portion of it!), but some people have been amazed that I've been out gadding about already. One word: Tylenol3! No, really, I do hurt, but as I mentioned to a nurse at the hospital, "it's only pain." I explained then, and will again here, that doesn't mean I'm a pain junky, just that I know I'm not going to damage myself by moving around. Just because it hurts doesn't mean I've hurt myself, if you follow me. Actually, except for the fact that the incision itself isn't healing quite right--the edges "slipped" and didn't really completely mesh, so I have more of an "owie" than I should at the moment; that's actually why I've been hitting the codeine from time to time--the only other suffering I have is muscle pain from carrying Emily around.

I do get tired quickly, but I feel so much less sleep-deprived than I did with Laura (that would be because I AM so much less sleep-deprived!). I can't help but think that'll help the healing progress; not being on bed rest beforehand seems to be making a huge difference, too.

So, anybody up for a family picnic?

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