August 24, 2005

"Banana Stroller"

Of course, Matt meant to say, "Umbrella stroller," but that's not what came out of his mouth. I had to include it here because it just made such a funny picture in my mind; a banana stroller must look something like the Oscar Meyer Wiener-mobile, but with a handle on the back so you can push it.

Would a double banana stroller be a....wait for it....banana split?

"Skidamarink a dinkadink, skidamarinkadoo..."

What could melt a parent's heart more than hearing their child say, "I love you"??? We say it a lot to Laura, and of course she's learned the silly skidamarink song, but never actually tried to say the words. Tonight, as she was about to have her diaper changed before jammies were applied, the Moment occurred. Of course, we both reciprocated, and then Matt said, "O.K., now let's get your pants off." (He was in charge of diapering). Sick puppy parent that I am, I of course said, "Get used to that, Laura. Men saying, 'I love you' followed by 'now let's get your pants off.'" The adults got a good laugh out of that!

Laura Bed search update: We checked up on some local stores, and, armed with my online research, found an even better deal on mattresses, frame, and delivery costs., however, is still leading the field for the headboard we like, and their shipping seems reasonable. The saga continues...

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