October 21, 2012


Quite a few flowers will show up in the spring and summer.  The dogwood is always spectacular.

There are two raised beds in the fenced-in backyard.  One of wood, with fence posts and sturdy wire for climbing things,
and one made of manor stones. Both have been obsessively 100% organic since they were built.

In addition to bulbs and flowering shrubs, there are three different clumps of shasta daisies.

Downstairs Bath

I love this bathroom.  There is a TON of counter space,

lots of storage, multiple light sources,

a big shower enclosure,
  and a new toilet (last summer.)

Downstairs Walk-In Closet

This closet has mirrors, a sitting spot right across from them, and ample space for dressers and hanging clothes.

Bonus Room #2

This is another huge room, just like the living room and Bedroom #4, directly above it.
That white door on the left conceals a built-in entertainment center, complete with plugs and such.  The door to the right leads to the walk-in closet.

Although this area was finished much later than the rest of the house, the built-in theme continues with another dresser.

Large closet with high shelf for storage.

Bonus Room #1

To the right as you come down the stairs is the first bonus room.  Reflected in the mirror is the window.

Behind that purple door is a cold cellar with shelves.  It's an unfinished space, but perfect for storing canned goods, garden root vegetables, and the like.

Downstairs to Utility Area

Let's go downstairs; the house has an almost entirely finished basement.

 Oh, hello, pantry shelves!  These are right through the kitchen doorway to the stairs.

 Utility area; a full-sized closet plus two cabinets.  We kept off-season clothes and Christmas stuff and laundry supplies and extra towels and more Christmas stuff here...yeah, it's a BIG storage area.

October 20, 2012

Bedroom #4, Upstairs

This room is enormous.  It takes several photos merely to show all the walls!  Just when you think you're done....it has a walk-in closet, too.

This room has a dresser, plus extra drawers and a cabinet built in.Further along the same wall are built-in shelves.
Two windows to the South let the light stream in.
Another set of shelves is built into the other wall.

Looking back towards the landing shows the door to the walk-in closet.

Upstairs to Bedroom #3

Let's go upstairs.

The window off the landing looks North.
 The landing has two big built-in storage cabinets. To give you an idea of how big they are, we kept our extensive collection of board games and puzzles in one, and all our wedding crystal and seasonal dishware stuff in the other. (Extremely well-planned storage built-ins are a recurring theme of the house; someone thought things through and made a big space even bigger.)Here is bedroom #3.

The dresser is built-in for you!
This window also looks to the North. (It still gets quite a bit of light, reflected off the house next door.)

Your shelves are built-in, too.

Nicely sized closet.


The kitchen has a range, refrigerator, and dishwasher. The flooring is brand new!
The windows look to the North.

Extra counter space is hiding behind the corner.

Yes, actually, those cupboards *do* go allllll the way up to the ceiling, even though the doors stop earlier.